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Macro Cell Sites

Cell Site

All equipment (antenna, building and ground) used to transmit cell signals to and from the mobile device back to the receiver. Typically includes transmitter/receivers, GPS, backup power sources, base receiver station (BTS), backhaul connections, and more. 

Types of Cell Sites

Cell Tower Site

Coverage: .5 to 25 miles

A tower is what typically comes to mind when hearing the phrase “cell site.” Cell towers are the physical structures that are designed to support one or more cell sites. Towers consist of Monopole, Guyed Tower, Lattice Tower, & Stealth Tower. 

Rooftop Site

Coverage: 1.5 to 25 miles

With a rooftop system, the antenna and transmission equipment are installed on a building’s roof.  The equipment is connected to utility power at the site and the backhaul fiber connection is brought up from the main telephone demarcation point in the building.  Sometimes, building owners will lease their rooftops to wireless carriers if the building is in an optimal location for a cell site.

XWR provide turnkey solutions for site construction services.​

  • Radio, Antenna, and Lines Modifications

  • Radio Frequency Testing and Interference Troubleshooting

  • AC / DC Analysis, Design, and Upgrades

  • Equipment Engineering, Installation, and Commissioning

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