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DAS/Small Cell/5G

DAS, Distributed Antenna Systems, distributes radio frequency (RF) signals from a central position to antennas located throughout a site to provide undisturbed connections and handovers. DAS solutions can be categorized into three different categories: Passive DAS, active DAS, and hybrid DAS.

Passive DAS is the simplest to install using only coax cabling to distribute the signals; usually used for smaller facility that not containing large amounts of metal, masonry, or concrete wall materials.  

Active DAS consist of fiber optic cabling coerced with coax/cat5e cabling through larger facilities or locations with considerable amount of rf blocking materials affecting RF signal coverage.

Hybrid DAS employs both active and passive DAS solutions where needed.

Xclusive Wireless provide turnkey solutions for DAS/Small Cell construction services.​

  • Radio, Antenna, and Lines Modifications

  • Radio Frequency Testing and Interference Troubleshooting

  • AC / DC Analysis, Design, and Upgrades

  • Equipment Engineering, Installation, and Commissioning

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